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Beyond Academia is a career education conference that exposes UC Berkeley PhD students and postdocs to career options outside of academia.
Panels on a variety of career tracks give attendees the opportunity to interact with successful and creative professionals, while workshops and networking events allow for discussion in an informal setting.

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Our 2015 conference was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who presented and attended…and stay tuned for future events!

Beyond Academia is committed to connecting PhDs and Postdocs with the best and most innovative career education resources. Visit our resources page for helpful links and our blog for regular updates. Follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn!

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Can’t get enough of the Beyond Academia conference?

Attend this post- conference workshop offered by Andrew Green through the UC Berkeley Career Center!
Wednesday, March 25th 3:30 PM:
Going Live: How to Prepare for Interviews and Presentations in the Business, Government and Nonprofit Worlds
Register through Callisto.