Interview with Kirsten Smayda, Data Scientist at Pear Therapeutics

Feb 07

by Vael Gates

In early December, I interviewed Dr. Kirsten Smayda, data scientist at Pear Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Smayda studied Cognitive Psychology and

Interview with Katherine Luna, Data Scientist at Apple

Jan 22

by Vael Gates

Dr. Katherine Luna works as a data scientist at Apple, and kindly agreed to an

Interview with LiAnne Yu, Anthropology PhD, on a varied career as an ethnographer

Oct 22

by Vael Gates, blogger for Beyond Academia LiAnne Yu, Anthropology PhD, leads a compelling career. Her work branches in three directions: ethnography, design research, and narrative journalism, three fields she ties together with anthropology. Curious about each of these fields and how Dr. Yu weaves them together,

A conversation with Jen Polk, History PhD, a career coach and business owner (Part 2)

Aug 01

by Vael Gates Jen Polk, PhD, graduated with a degree in history from the University of Toronto before going on to launch a career as a career coach (see, writer (see her blog), host of


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