Decoding Industry

Apr 06

In my job search, I’ve noticed a lot of terminology that actually refers to things that exist in both the world of industry AND the world of academia. Just a difference in vocabulary, though, can get very confusing very quickly. I’ve also noticed that not knowing the vocabulary, even if

Hiring PhDs: Interview with Jeff Dunn, Campus Relations Manager for Intel

Mar 25

Today we’re joined by Jeff Dunn, who works as a Campus Relations Manager for Intel. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his line of work and provide advice to PhD students looking for jobs. Read More

Guest Post: LinkedIn Basics

Mar 23

We are thrilled to present the first in a series of blog posts written by Anna Trester. Some posts in the series will be advice posts about the job search like this one, while others will be interviews with linguists who have pursued multiple careers. You can find them all and more over

How to Follow Up After Networking

Mar 19

Networking is an essential component of job searches today. According to L. Maren Wood, your chances of landing a job by sending a resume in response to a job posting are less than 10%. Meeting with someone from the company or finding out about a job from an


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