How to Make Business Cards

Feb 09

If you’re going to an event at which you will meet people, it’s always a good idea to have a business card. Think of a business card as a neat little package of information about yourself. A well-designed business card will give your new acquaintance a succinct description of you and

Meeting of Bay Area Women in Machine Learning and Data Science

Feb 03

The group, Bay Area Women in Machine Learning and Data Science, met on Wednesday night (1/28/15) on campus to connect with graduate students who are interested in data science. After a brief introduction to the group, we got to hear from three women who took different paths in data science.

So You Want to Leave Academia

Feb 02

Welcome back to our interview with Cory Ellison, Patent Agent at Morrison & Foerster. In part 2, he provides us with his answers to commonly-asked questions from PhD students and postdocs.

From PhD to Patent Agent

Jan 26

Cory Ellison graduated from the University of California, Davis with a PhD in Plant Biology. He now works as a Patent Agent at Morrison & Foerster. Below is Part 1 of our interview with him.

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