Summary of the Berkeley PhD Career Fair: Part 2

Nov 19

This is the second post on the Berkeley PhD Career Fair, held last month on campus.  Today, I will write about my impressions of the career fair itself.

Summary of the Berkeley PhD Career Fair: Part 1

Nov 17

About a month ago, Berkeley hosted a career fair specifically aimed at PhD students.  A variety of companies including tech start-ups, established tech companies, non-profits, bio-tech companies, Two of the BA team attended.  We wanted to share some of the resources we discovered and advice we received, as well as

Tips from a former academic

Nov 13

Previous panelist from Beyond Academia 2014, Jessica Kirkpatrick, gives good tips on transitioning from academia to industry.  She herself made the transition from astronomy to data science.  In addition to tips on what skills to pick up, she notes that “Most tech companies are interested in smart, talented people who

Preparing for a non-academic job: Resources on campus

Nov 11

If you’re reading this blog, you’re already aware of Beyond Academia as one resource for the non-academic job search. There are also a number of other resources available to you while you are a student or post-doc at Berkeley:

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