From PhD to Startup Founder

Jan 14

Pratap Ranade is a co-founder of kimonolabs, a startup founded in 2013. He was kind enough to conduct an e-mail interview with us, which we will present in two parts.

Hiring PhDs: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Dec 02

We’re here today with a recruiter working in the Bay Area. As an undergraduate, they knew that they wanted to go into Sales or Recruiting. After graduating with a BA (Business Administration, with a focus in marketing), they hired on with a staffing company, and have been working as a

Summary of the Berkeley PhD Career Fair: Part 2

Nov 19

This is the second post on the Berkeley PhD Career Fair, held last month on campus.  Today, I will write about my impressions of the career fair itself.

Summary of the Berkeley PhD Career Fair: Part 1

Nov 17

About a month ago, Berkeley hosted a career fair specifically aimed at PhD students.  A variety of companies including tech start-ups, established tech companies, non-profits, bio-tech companies, Two of the BA team attended.  We wanted to share some of the resources we discovered and advice we received, as well as

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