Hiring PhDs: Interview with the Director of Human Resources at CNA Corporation

Jan 14

BA: Today we’re speaking with Laura DePasquale, the Director of Human Resources at the CNA Corporation. She’s here to tell us more about CNA, as well as how their hiring process works. Read More

So You Want to Found a Startup

Jan 14

Welcome back to Part 2 of our interview with Pratap Ranade, co-founder of kimonolabs. In this second part, he addresses founding a startup. Read More

From PhD to Startup Founder

Jan 14

logo-kimonolabsPratap Ranade is a co-founder of kimonolabs, a startup founded in 2013. He was kind enough to conduct an e-mail interview with us, which we will present in two parts. Read More

Hiring PhDs: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Dec 02

ID-100129664We’re here today with a recruiter working in the Bay Area. As an undergraduate, they knew that they wanted to go into Sales or Recruiting. After graduating with a BA (Business Administration, with a focus in marketing), they hired


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