What can you do with a Humanities PhD? Takeaways from “Inside Dope: Life as a Humanist”

Apr 18

by Monica Gates, Alicia Roy, David Bratt, and Cécile Fortuny

On April 6th, current and past PhD students in the humanities gathered to hear and share advice about career trajectories. This was the second year of “Inside Dope: Life as a Humanist“, an event organized by the

Interview with Dr. Lisa Feldkamp, Classics PhD, a science writer at the Nature Conservancy

Mar 05

by Monica Gates Dr. Lisa Feldkamp is a science writer for the Nature Conservancy’s Cool Green Science blog. She’s had an intriguing career path, and earned her PhD in Classics before going on to write for the Nature Conservancy. I sat down with her recently as a blog writer

“5 Key Tips of Landing a Job Outside of Academia” from Dr. Susan Basalla May

Mar 05

by Monica Gates On the last day of the Beyond Academia 2018 Conference, I attended the wonderful Friday keynote! Dr. Susan Basalla May, a Partner at Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates with a PhD in English, set out to tell us about the “Secrets of a PhD Headhunter: 5 Key

Brief Takeaways from “The Language of LinkedIn”

Mar 01

by Monica Gates The Beyond Academia 2018 Conference is happening today and tomorrow at Clark Kerr Campus, Berkeley! I’m attending “The Language of LinkedIn“, a presentation by career sociolinguist Anna Marie Trester. Here are some takeaways:

  • LinkedIn is


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