Guest Post: Finishing up the PhD!

May 31

This week’s guest post is from the Women in Science (WIS) group in the Integrative Biology department at UC Berkeley. At the beginning of this month, they had a panel discussion onĀ everything you need to know about finishing, filing, etc. Below are the minutes from the panel, with

Guest Post: A Call for Acceptance of Career Polygamy in Science

May 26

Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Emilie Reas, who is currently a postdoc at UC San Diego. In her eloquent statement, she calls for all of us to rethink what a successful scientific career looks like. Read More

From PhD to Prep School Teacher: Part 2

May 19

Welcome to part two of our interview with Rachel Bundang. In this part, she tells us more about what skills are necessary in this career, and gives advice on the job search. Read More

From PhD to Prep School Teacher

May 15

This is the first of two blog posts from an interview with Rachel Bundang, who recently spoke on the Writing/Teaching/Editing panel of the virtual Beyond the Professoriate conference. In this post, Rachel talks about her path out of academia. Read More


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