Guest Post: From MA to Publishing

Apr 22

The next series of posts are from the Career Linguist, and part of her Career Profiles in Linguistics series. We won’t be re-posting all of them, so head on over to her site to read more! Read More

Post-conference report: Keynote Summaries

Apr 12

The conference opened with a joint keynote given by Bill Lindstaedt and Liz Silva. While Lindstaedt talked, telling us a story about a postdoc’s career search process, Liz drew, making the story come to life with colors and images.Read More

Post-conference report: Beyond Academia 2015

Apr 12

I don’t know what jobs exist for someone like me” is a common sentiment among PhDs and postdocs at the beginning of their career searches.  Held May 16th and 17th, the Beyond Academia conference of 2015 addressed this by bringing over 90 PhDs who work outside of academia to the

Decoding Industry

Apr 06

In my job search, I’ve noticed a lot of terminology that actually refers to things that exist in both the world of industry AND the world of academia. Just a difference in vocabulary, though, can get very confusing very quickly. I’ve also noticed that not knowing the vocabulary, even if


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