Post in the Scientist Magazine
Researchers and institutions seek to bridge the gap between emerging life science professionals and available positions.
Post in the Chronicle for Higher Education
Beyond Academia is mentioned as an example of universities taking action to help graduate students prepare for jobs in the article: Proposal to Offer Job-Friendly English Ph.D. Draws Criticism.
Post in the New York Times
Beyond Academia is mentioned as the spirit of change taking root within the ivory tower, in the NY Times article, The Repurposed PhD: Finding Life After Academia — and Not Feeling Bad About it.
Post in the Chronicle of Higher Education
Nonacademic careers for PhDs in the sciences series: Beyond Academia is cited as an example in this article on advice for “choosing an adviser who can help you leave academe.”
Article in Integrative Academic Solutions
Beyond Academia founders Els Van der Helm and Bryan Alavarez were invited to explain the genesis of the conference for Integrative Academic Solutions, a company promoting and consulting for mutli-disciplinary careers. Els and Bryan share their motivations and the philosophy behind Beyond Academia.
Post in the Active Scientist
In her blog on promoting science to the general public, Georgeann Sack gives an insiders’ view of Beyond Academia 2013, sharing strong moments from the conference and personal insights that were gained on career and personal development.
Profile in The Daily Californian
The UC Berkeley daily newspaper promotes Beyond Academia and discusses the need to further professional development for graduate students in the university.
Article in Inside Higher Ed
This article cites Beyond Academia 2013 as an example for proactively promoting professional and career development for graduate students and advocates for similar initiatives for humanities PhDs.
Article in UC Berkeley News Center
UC Berkeley official media center commends the Beyond Academia effort to fill in the growing need for Universities to provide such opportunities for its graduate students. The overwhelming interest from PhD students in Beyond Academia 2013 underlines the necessity to make these changes soon.
Post in Oscillatory Thoughts
Beyond Academia inspires neuroscientist Dr. Bradley Voytek to discuss the need to bridge the gap between academia and industry. He also shares his personal experience on choosing between the two.