– Helping Students Find and Keep Great Jobs

We wanted to take a moment to recognize a good friend and invaluable supporter, Dr. Doug Kalish. Doug is a scientist, entrepreneur, and  one of the best career coaches you’ll find. Doug’s website,, is a “labor of love” that collects useful and important resources and guides for students starting out in business after leaving college. The site includes a “set of online guides, ebooks and workshops to help you start out in the real world…” and grouped into categories like “First Job” and “Business Backgrounder.” Doug does a great job useful resources by way of answering important career questions. For example, in “Who Should I Work For,” he presents “self-assessment to determine your work personality and get suggestions about what kinds of organizations are compatible with your work style.” Likewise, “Are You Ready to Look for a Job?” is another self-assessment geared towards evaluating whether one is ready to start scheduling interviews, and what to do should the answer be no. He also speaks at workshops and seminars across the country (including the Beyond Academia Conference) and has made available video clips, presentations, and resources from his speaking engagements to his website visitors. Best of all, his guides are 100% free. For an introduction to what Doug does, check out his website at or download his free e-book, “Finding Your First Job.”