Preparing for a non-academic job: Resources on campus

If you’re reading this blog, you’re already aware of Beyond Academia as one resource for the non-academic job search. There are also a number of other resources available to you while you are a student or post-doc at Berkeley:

D-Lab: The D-Lab is aimed at the social sciences and humanities, offering resources for data-intensive research.  They offer workshops on things like learning R and SQL.  They additionally offer consultations for data analysis or other data problems, and there are a variety of working groups that meet regularly.  If you’re already an expert in a particular method or programming language, you can gain experience by leading a workshop, showcasing your research, or offering consultation.  Additionally, D-Lab is currently hiring for next semester, and is holding an orientation for potential hires on November 21.

Post-doc Industry Exploration Program (PIEP): PIEP exposes academics to industry, allowing exploration of various types of non-academic jobs (most tend to be either bio-tech or tech).  They offer workshops and also on-site visits.

Berkeley School of Information: The I-School at Berkeley hosts a number of events connecting students and companies.  These events are particularly useful if you’re interested in data science.

Berkeley Data Science Institute: Again, useful if you’re interested in data science.  They hold regular lectures.

Berkeley Career Center: This is an obvious one.  While much is targeted toward undergrads, there is a lot of useful information on the website for graduate students and post-docs also, and you can make appointments to get advice on writing a resume or for mock interviews.  There are also a number of workshops and events.