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Page last updated on March 10, 2017.


Opportunity: To be at the forefront of the convergence of high tech and biotech

Do you want to join a team that is developing technologies that will shape the future of drug discovery?

Do you want to tackle hard problems that will make a difference in people’s lives?

At Verseon, you can work on complex problems without looking for quick fixes. We have made multiple scientific breakthroughs in the molecular modeling of protein and drug interactions. With this technology, we have changed how efficiently new medicines can be designed and developed.

We are growing fast and hiring people for a wide variety of positions ranging from computational modeling of molecular physics problems to chemistry and drug formulation to biology to software development and private cloud infrastructure to business. We don’t care if you studied physics or math, engineering or computer science, biology or chemistry. If you love tackling challenging problems, you will have fun solving interesting problems at Verseon.

Come join us. Refer your friends. Send your resumes to with Beyond Academia Careers Reception in the subject line.

Research Scientist at Uber
Contact: Charlene Wu

The Labs Team drives Uber’s innovation by promoting an active culture of high-quality experimentation. Research Scientists advise on research from headquarters and city teams around the world and develop company-wide resources to facilitate rigorous experiments and surveys. We inform the empirical approach for experiments, provide the tools to enable analyses, and interpret the results that drive decisions about optimizing our global business.

The team is looking for a Research Scientist to consult on incoming projects and to develop new research resources, such as educational guides, syntheses of prior research, and analytical tools to enable sound statistical analyses across the organization. The ideal candidate would enter the role with expertise in experimental design, statistics, and teaching.

 ornl_logo_new3Oakridge National Labratories is the Department of Energy’s largest science and energy laboratory. Career opportunities at ORNL include internships, postgrads, postmasters, postdoc appointments, distinguished fellowships, business and technical professionals, fulltime research staff, and joint faculty appointments. Information on Fellowships and Postdocs!
Brookhaven National Laboratory is a multipurpose research institution funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science. We operate cutting-edge large-scale facilities for studies in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied science, and a wide range of advanced technologies. With world–class facilities and experts in a variety of fields, we’ve created a legacy of seven Nobel Prize winning discoveries and countless breakthrough innovations. Current and future positions include Associates Physics, Research Chemists, Physicists and other Science related positions.



The Biotechnology and Life  Science Advising Group (BALSA) – The Biotechnology and Life Science Advising Group (BALSA) is “doing its part to bridge the gap between academia and industry.” BALSA was founded by a group of Washington University graduate students and postdocs to provide “short-term” consulting services to area companies. Their mission, however, is to bring early stage science PhDs into active non-academic employment through a transitional apprenticeship in which they gain valuable experience in industry research and expand their contacts network at the same time. Students from a wide range of backgrounds are invited to apply and participate in BALSA projects for approximately 10 hours per week over the length of their participation, and in turn are given their first introduction into non-academic work.


Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration (GSICE)  – GSICE at UCSF allows students to pursue internships outside of academic research, giving them valuable on-the-job experience, professional contacts and a foot in the door. An experience such as the GSICE is an important step in the life of a graduate student as it allows them to consider their career options before graduation.

Training Programs

Insight Data Science Fellows – The Insight Data Science Fellows Program aims to give PhDs the hands-on training and experience they need to become data science professionals. Their 6 week, tuition-free program introduces selected applicants to the profession of data science by teaching them the basics, putting them into close contact with data science professionals from major Bay Area tech companies and mentoring data science projects that act as the fellow’s professional portfolio. Boasting a professional placement rate of 100%, the Insight Data Science Fellows program should be considered the gold standard of PhD to industry training and placement programs.

sciphdSciPhD provides training for scientists who want to transition from academia to non-academic careers. Various workshops, boot camps and certificate programs are designed to offer resources and hands-on training to identify and develop skills in communication, leadership, negotiation, team building, networking, and project management. Workshops introduce job opportunities in industry, and a critical evaluation of students’ skills, all to translate “operational competencies” to SciPhD’s 24 core competencies, valued by hiring companies. Additionally, a focus on resume and interview preparation, as well as networking helps participants to design an individual career action plan. Numerous universities, medical schools, science academies and societies in the US and abroad have hosted SciPhD training programs.