Berkeley PhDs! Interested in launching a life sciences start-up during or after graduating/the postdoc? This event is for you!

Learn about Berkeley/Bay area resources available to help you think of or start your own company and listen to the startup journey of a panel of PhD entrepreneurs. There will be plenty time to network and mingle!

Registration is open! RSVP for the event/mixer! 
6:00-6:30pm:  Entrepreneurship resources on Campus
[Stanley Hall – Auditorium 105]

Learn more about the entrepreneurship resources available to STEM grad students and postdocs on campus (Qb3 programs, Citris Foundry,..) and in the Bay Area!

6:30-7:15pm:     Startup Panel
[Stanley Hall – Auditorium 105]
   Listen and ask advice from PhDs who started their company after/during their graduate time, used campus resources (QB3, Citris, Launch…).
7:15-8:30pm:    Social Mixer
[Stanley Hall – 1st Floor Atrium]
Drinks and food will be served in the atrium. Take advantage of this opportunity to interact and mingle with entrepreneurs!


Ioana L. Aanei

Entrepreneurship Program Manager at QB3
PhD in Chemical Biology

Ioana Aanei is the Entrepreneurship Program Manager at QB3, the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences. She is in charge of several programs meant to guide entrepreneurs through the early stages of company formation. The QB3 Startup in a Box program is specifically aimed at the incorporation stage and includes legal help, as well as assistance with small business grant writing and building a convincing pitch deck. Ioana also manages an internship program, a freedom to operate analysis program, industry partnerships programs and new initiatives to support academic research. Ioana earned a BS in Chemistry from Caltech and a PhD in Chemical Biology from UC Berkeley in the lab of Prof. Matthew Francis.

Panel Speakers:

Timothy Day

Co-founder/CSO at DNALite
PhD in Neuroscience (Berkeley, 17′)

Tim Day got his PhD from the Helen Wills Neuroscience Program at UC Berkeley. His thesis focused on the development of treatments for inherited eye diseases both by understanding underlying disease mechanisms and by engineering viral vectors for gene therapy. He has received multiple awards including the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship and the Marian Diamond Neuroscience Fellowship. While in graduate school, he has focused on mentorship through both teaching and participating as a graduate student adviser for the Amgen Scholars Program. He co-founded DNALite Therapeutics Inc., a company focused on the development of chemopreventative treatments for colon cancer, which participated in the CITRIS Foundry, the Berkeley LAUNCH and IndieBio accelerator programs. Outside of work he enjoys traveling, technology, and burritos.

Karthik Balakrishnan

Co-founder/CEO at Nodexus, inc
PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Berkeley, 14′)

Karthik is the CEO of Nodexus, a biotechnology company based in Berkeley that is developing tools to provide access to biological samples at the single cell level for quickly growing sectors including gene editing, cancer biology research,  drug development, and more. Karthik obtained his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, prior to which he studied Mechanical Engineering at Caltech.  His vision is to apply design, engineering, and management to solve complex problems and bring exciting technologies to market.

Christy Sheehy

Co-founder/CEO at C. Light Technologies
Postdoctoral Research Scholar at UCSF,
PhD in Vision Science (Berkeley, 15′)

Christy K. Sheehy received both her BS and MS degrees in Optics from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and most recently her PhD in Vision Science from the University of California, Berkeley in December of 2015. Her interests lie in the fields of high-resolution retinal imaging, optical engineering, and retinal eye-tracking. As a postdoctoral scholar now in the Green lab, she plans to study how fixational eye movements in patients with neurodegenerative disease differs from those in normal healthy control subjects. She is passionate about finding ways to use non-invasive retinal imaging technologies as early-stage screening tools for patients of neurodegenerative disease. Additionally, Christy is the Co-founder of a start-up, C. Light Technologies, whose mission is to commercialize the eye-tracking technology she designed and built for her PhD (the TSLO) to use as a future neuro-diagnostic. When she’s not doing research or start-up activities, Christy loves to salsa dance, paddleboard, go camping, and explore new cooking recipes.


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We’ll keep updating participating startups. Stay tuned!


January 22, 2018
6:00 – 8:30 pm
105 Stanley Hall

Cost: Free!

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