Beyond Beyond Academia

You have now attended Beyond Academia, and explored some non-academic career options, expanded your network and are polishing up your resume (not to mention your thesis/manuscript/conference paper). Now what? The steps between figuring out what you might want to do and actually doing that thing can feel daunting, and it is easy to feel isolated during the process. Over the past few months, I have been attending the “Beyond Beyond Academia” lunch series: an informal …

Guest Post: LinkedIn Basics

We are thrilled to present the first in a series of blog posts written by Anna Trester. Some posts in the series will be advice posts about the job search like this one, while others will be interviews with linguists who have pursued multiple careers. You can find them all and more over at her blog, Career Linguist.

How to Follow Up After Networking

Networking is an essential component of job searches today. According to L. Maren Wood, your chances of landing a job by sending a resume in response to a job posting are less than 10%. Meeting with someone from the company or finding out about a job from an acquaintance increases your chances to over 50%. Panelists at the Beyond Academia 2015 Conference also emphasized this point – if there is one thing you need to do …

Preparing for a Non-Faculty Career – Part 1

In this post, L. Maren Wood shares her seven tips to begin a job search outside of academia. A keynote speaker at this year’s conference, Maren is the founder of Lilli Research Group, which provides career coaching to PhD job seekers. This article originally appeared on the Chronicle of Higher Education, and will be presented in two parts here. Stay tuned for Part Two next week!