UC Santa Barbara Beyond Academia – May 15, 2015

Inspired by the Beyond Academia conference started at UC Berkeley, UCSB Beyond Academia is a day-long conference for graduate students and post-docs of all disciplines. This event aims to inform participants of career options within and outside of academia and to assist them in preparing for their chosen career. In addition to a keynote address by Jennifer Polk (http://fromphdtolife.com/), the conference offers attendees the opportunity to interact with many professionals who have established careers outside the professoriate in industry, government, administration, and nonprofits. Throughout the day, speakers, workshops, and panels will expose participants to a variety of sectors, skills, and professionals relevant to pursuing a career outside of or alongside academia.

UCSB Beyond Academia was planned and organized by a team of graduate15_03_Final_BA_Logo_FullColor_NoBackground-e1429634840951 students and post-doc researchers across Humanities/Fine Arts/Social Sciences and Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics fields. This all-day event will be on Friday, May 15, at the Loma Pelona Center on UC Santa Barbara’s campus. For more information, visit http://beyondacademiaucsb.org/.